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Ocicats from Oz Catz - Australia's most experienced Ocicat breeder. Ocicats from Oz Catz - Australia's most experienced Ocicat breeder. Our Ocicat kittens are top quality registered health and temperament guaranteed beauties! - Oz Catz for Ocicats

Oz Catz for Ocicats

Australia's Most Experienced Ocicat Breeder
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Website Updated : May 10, 2017

* Welcome to the home of Oz Catz - Australia's top breeder of Ocicats  *

*  Our next Ocicat litter due about August, 2017 - Join the Waiting List today  *

*  Contact Nola of Oz Catz - Email: - Phone: 03 5997 6414 - Mobile: 0418 549 987  *

*  Nola of Oz Catz is the oldest established & most experienced Ocicat breeder in Australia  *

*  Our Ocicat kittens are spotted like small leopards  *

*  Ocicats - exclusive rare-breed domestic cats, bred especially to look like their wild ancestors  *

*  But  ....  Ocicats are pure-breed cats with NO wild blood in their pedigree  ...  so won't eat the kids  *

*  Ocicats are stunningly beautiful spotted cats - with great character & temperament  *
*  Spotted rare-breed Ocicats - cats for the connoisseur  *

*  Ocicat kittens from Oz Catz are family friendly & wonderful companion cats  *
*  Each Ocicat kitten comes with a written health & temperament guarantee  *
*  All Ocicat kittens from Oz Catz are guaranteed in writing to be
* top quality   
* well bred  
* pedigreed  
* well socialised  
* healthy
Website Updates : (click for links)
Ocicat Kitten Updates ......

* Apr 27: Latest photos of our Ocicat kittens - 9 1/2 weeks old
Been wondering where photos of your kittens are, seeing I usually update photos of each kitten every week?
Well .... take a look at the photos below to understand why!  
* May 6: Ozspots Carlton adopted by Rachel, NSW

All our current Ocicat kittens are now adopted - our next Ocicat litter due about August, 2017
Join the Waiting List to ensure you don't miss out on one of our rare-breed superb Ocicat kittens!

General Website Updates .....
*  Mar 14 :  Testimonials

*  Apr 21 : HCM test results - Our Ocicats

*  Apr 29 :  FCCV pedigree for our Champion Ocicat stud - Ch. Boliviliki Legolas (Imp Fin)


Ocicat Kittens from Oz Catz

Can you spot (pardon the pun!) your Ocicat kitten?
Here's your clues -
Ozspots Dalton - Black spotted silver boy - Black collar
Ozspots Balmain - Black spotted silver girl - Bright Pink collar
Ozspots Annandale - Tawny spotted girl - Mauve collar
Ozspots Paddington - Tawny spotted girl - Gold collar
Ozspots Brompton - Blue spotted silver boy - Red collar
Ozspots Mallacoota - Tawny spotted girl - Acqua collar (but she's lost it, so none)
Ozspots Subiaco - Tawny spotted boy - White collar
Ozspotos Carlton - Tawny spotted boy - Pale Blue collar

And here are some more photos .....

The eyes have it!!



Our next litter of Ocicats is expected about August this year - Our Winter, 2017 Ocicat litter

Join the Waiting List to be sure of one of our magical spotted kittens!!
Contact Nola - Phone : 03 5997 6414
Mobile : 0418 549 987
Take at look at all of Smoky and Nipsu's beautiful spotted babies ......

Read what some of our Ocicat buyers say about our Ocicat kittens ....

Ozspots Tuckurimba
Black spotted silver Ocicat boy
Born Sept 9, 2016

"Oswald has captivated us all .... "

Ozspots Tamworth & Ozspots Magnolia
Tawny spotted Ocicat boy & Black spotted silver Ocicat girl
Born September 9, 2016

"We want to thank you for your expertise in making the whole journey of  Maggie and Tams adopting process so easy!!!!

Ozspots Eltham
Tawny spotted Ocicat boy
Born September 9, 2016

"Buying a kitten from Ozcatz was such a wonderful decision ....."


Ocicats from Oz Catz - Australia's Most Experienced Breeder of Ocicat Kittens

    Contact: 03 5997 6414 or 0418 549 987 or
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