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Ozspots Tarneit & Diamond Grand Champion Peikkolan Frodo Reppuli (Imp NL)


" Stephanie and Frodo "


Birth date - December 17, 2014 :    Ready to Go - from March 13, 2015 - ICC - 23.1%




Ozspots Welcome Stranger - Chocolate spotted girl - SOLD Nicole C, NSW 


Ozspots Golden Eagle - Chocolate spotted boy - SOLD Tracie K, SA

Ozspots Welcome Stranger - chocolate spotted girl

Click this link for all Stephanie's kittens details and more photographs

Photo Gallery


Page 1 - December 20    ....    Page 2 - January 2   ...   Page 3 - January 13


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 Ozspots Tumbarumba & Silver Grand Champion Merrydancer Cocolatino (Imp UK)


" Rhumba and Coco "


Birth date - November 4, 2014 :  Ready to Go - from January 29, 2015 - ICC - 23.1%



Ozspots Black Heath



Ozspots Silver Sands


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Ozspots Silver Leigh - Blue spotted silver girl - PINK COLLAR - SOLD - NICOLLE C, NSW


Ozspots Blackheath - Black spotted silver girl  - BLUE COLLAR - SOLD - TRACIE K, SA 


 Ozspots Black Jack - Black spotted silver boy - RED COLLAR - RESERVED


 Ozspots Silver Sands - Black spotted silver boy - NO COLLAR - SOLD - JASON V, VIC



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Photo Gallery

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Page 5 - November 24    ....    Page 6 - December 1    ....    Page 7 - December 8 and 11   ....   Page 8 - December 15

Rhumba & Emily Kittens Combined - January 2   ....    Rhumba & Emily Combined - January 13

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 Daywalker Lozen (Imp Germany) & Diamond Gd. Ch. Peikkolan Frodo Reppuli (Imp NL) 


Birth date - November 16, 2014 :  Ready to from- February 8, 2015 - ICC - 23.8%




Ozspots Pennyroyal - Lilac spotted boy



Ozspots Penrose - Chocolate spotted girl


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Ozspots Pennyroyal - Lilac spotted male  -RED COLLAR - SOLD DANIELLE L, WA


 Ozspots Pennington - Chocolate spotted male  - YELLOW COLLAR - SOLD NICOLE C, NSW


Ozspots Penrose - Chocolate spotted female - SOLD - MICHELLE & CHELSEA, VIC


 Ozspots Penshurst - Lilac spotted male -  GREEN COLLAR - SOLD, MELANIE S, NSW


Ozspots Penola - Lilac spotted male  - SOLD - LESLIE H, QUEENSLAND 

  Photo Gallery

Page 1 - November 17   ...   Page 2 - November 19    ....    Page 3 - November 24    ....    Page 4 - December 1

Page 5 - December 8    ....    Page 6 - December 15   ....    Rhumba & Emily Kittens Combined - January 2

Introducing the New Ocicat Breeders of Australia

I am very pleased to introduce the three new Ocicats Breeders who will continue the good work begun by Oz Catz in Ocicat breeding in Australia.  

Breeding top quality kittens of any breed doesn't just come down to putting two cats together - any fool can do that!  To keep the breed, hence the kittens, strong and healthy - it requires -

Dedication these three woman have in abundance; 

Experience they may lack at first, but I will fully support each of these women with as much advice and help as they need for as long as they remain loyal to the high standards set by Oz Catz for raising quality Ocicat kittens with similar health and temperament guarantees that I have always offered my kitten buyers; 

New Breeding Blood Lines are already being negotiated for import into Australia from Europe by the first of these new breeders.

I have worked hard to improve the Ocicat breed in Australia and am proud that I leave Ocicats in a very much better position in Australia than when I first started breeding them - my import of more than 10 new Ocicat breeding lines to minimize inbreeding was a pivotal factor in this improvement.

So at the end of my Ocicat breeding career, I am very happy to leave this magnificent cat breed in the hands of these three hand-picked women who have shown themselves dedicated to promoting and improving the Ocicat breed and it is to these women I have entrusted my beautiful cats and kittens.

If you have any questions you would like to ask about any of the new breeders or ask anything about your cat or cat related issues, you can always email me and I will be happy to help where I can.

The three new Ocicat breeders of Australia are -

Nicole Clarkson of Caressacat Ocicats in New South Wales

Email: nicole@caressacat.com.au      Phone: 0423 384 140

Danielle Linder of SunChaser Ocicats in Western Australia

Email: djl@iinet.net.au     Phone: 0404 995 591

Tracie-Anne Kearns of Jasmarezcats in South Australia

Email: consumesyou@hotmail.com       Phone: 0412 963 498

The first Ocicat kittens from these new breeders will be from Nicole of Caressacat which are

due about January 29, 2015

Click on their names above to make contact with these exciting new Ocicat breeders.@

@ Fiona Stokes - no more nasty emails please - the cat breeding world can do without your bitterness and malice!!  Shame on you!


 Ozspots Marra Marra, aka Merlin, DOB July 14, 2014 - Chocolate spotted silver boy from Stephanie and Stanley

for more photos of this beautiful boy - Recent Testimonials



Ozspots Manley, aka Stanley, daddy to Ozspots Marra Marra (above)


Tawny spotted Ocicat

An Oz Catz' Ocicat - A "Spot" of Quality! The Cat for the Connoisseur!


Exclusive Pet Photography Offer to Oz Catz' Ocicat Owners

Award-winning photographer John Lim has a very impressive resume and portfolio.   As John owns one of my magical Ocicats and specialises in cat photography, he  has offered his services for  a photo shoot at your home of your beautiful Ocicats (and others if you have them)  and,  free of charge or obligation a 5 X 7 print of your selected photograph -  and not just a candid shot - an artistically and creatively refined photo!

If you want to take advantage of this fantastic offer, contact Nola at Oz Catz  or John at KittyPhotos

Here are just a few samples of John's work -


Ozspots Tarneit, aka Stephanie with her babies

John's website - www.kittyphotos.net


 New Photos to Help you Choose your Ocicat Colours in our Photo Gallery

Chocolate spotted      Tawny spotted      Cinnamon spotted      Blue spotted      Lilac Spotted

Chocolate spotted silver      Black spotted silver


Don't Miss out on your Spotted Kitten - Join the Waiting List - Contact Nola of Oz Catz 


Or Phone -   Telephone : 03 5997 6414     or     Mobile: 0418 549 987

 Why Oz Catz is Australia's Leading Ocicat Breeder?

 Our Ocicats are the very best quality Ocicats available

 The health of our Ocicat kittens is guaranteed - in writing

 Our Ocicat kittens are raised in our home with loads of love and attention

 We breed with pedigreed and FCCV registered top quality Ocicat parents

 Our breeding Ocicats are either imported from reputable overseas breeders or Oz Catz' Ocicats, most of which have been shown and received high breed standard titles

 Our breeding Ocicats are never permitted to roam to bring home moggy-cross-breed kittens, parasites or diseases

 We don't in-breed - we only breed when the Inbreeding Co-efficient is low - more information on ICC

 We are a specialist Ocicat breeder, having bred Ocicats for over 10 years

 We are experienced, knowledgeable, and have earned an excellent reputation with our Ocicat kitten owners

 We are entirely dedicated to the welfare of the Ocicat breed, our cats and kittens


Ozspots Murrumbidgee, aka Murrumbijj - Chocolate spotted boy - Nola's 'Whopper Boy'

 Information about Adopting one of our Ocicat Babes  

How to Purchase an Ocicat Kitten    ......  What you get with your Oz Catz Kitten

The Oz Catz Written Health Guarantee  ......  When is your Ocicat kitten Ready to Go?

Interstate Transport for your Kitten  ......  Prices for our Ocicat Kittens   ...  About Oz Catz


Nola, the Ocicat Lady - with Dr. Harry, the TV Vet

 Exclusive Boarding Facilities for your Oz Catz Kitten


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Some Honest Advice about Choosing your Ocicat Kittens

Important Warning!! 

Do not fall for the scams represented by the website Cat Adoption - (http://au.catsadoptions.com)

Most of the cats 'available' do not exist!  Yourmoney will be taken and you will never receive your cat or kitten. 

the website has been reported to Australian authorities but because it is registered off-shore, it is difficult to get it closed.

So - BUYER BEWARE - buy only from registered breeders with a top-class reputation!!

Cheap Ocicat Kittens

If I could offer you a top quality Ocicat kitten for $650,  I would.  Truth is, it could not possibly be a top quality kitten - certainly not the type of kitten on which Oz Catz has built its fine reputation - it's that simple.  Quality can't be produced 'on the cheap'.  If you buy a discount Ocicat, then you're only buying a poor substitute.   

Intelligent kitten buyers who do their research into a cat breed before committing to purchase will immediately recognize a sub-standand Ocicat as well as as sub-standard Ocicat breeder.  My Ocicat kittens are NOT raised in a sock drawer!! This standard of breeding only engenders poor hygiene and endangers the health of the mother cat and her kittens - not to even mention the state of the socks!!

 So, yes, you can find Ocicat kittens that are cheaper -  But you won't get better bred nor healthier Ocicat kittens than from Oz Catz!  That's why I confidently provide a written health guarantee with every kitten I raise.

Check out all the pages on my website to see my commitment to quality.

Check out the hundreds of photos of my Ocicat adults and Ocicat kittens - beautifully healthy, happy little spots .....

clear eyes, excellent spotting & contrast, bright expressions, obviously active, clearly healthy .....


I won't compromise on my level of care and love for this truly wonderful breed of pedigreed cat.

Ozspots Aussie Bruno - Chocolate spotted boy, living in Venezuala

If you expect top quality, experience & expertise - come to Oz Catz for your Ocicats!