Ocicats from Oz Catz - Australia's most experienced Ocicat breeder. Ocicats from Oz Catz - Australia's most experienced Ocicat breeder. We have been breeding these magnificent spotted pedigreed Ocicat kittens in Australia since 2004. Our Ocicat kittens are top quality registered health and temperament guaranteed beauties! - Oz Catz for Ocicats

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Want a Leopard in the Lounge-Room?


Dream no longer .......

Ocicats - are Bred to Look Wild - With NO WILD BLOOD - Pure Pedigree

Adopt an Ocicat   .....
.....   It won't eat the kids!!  


Ocicats from Oz Catz - Australia's Most Experienced Breeder of Ocicat Kittens

Ocicats from Nola of Oz Catz!

Nola of Oz Catz - Australia's most experienced & trusted Ocicat breeder.

Oz Catz has over 14 years experience of breeding the beautiful spotted Ocicat.

Ocicats from Oz Catz are top quality, well bred kittens.

All Oz Catz' Ocicats come with a written health and temperament guarantee.

All our current Ocicat kittens have now been adopted

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Take a look at a sample of our latest photos of our beautiful spotted babes ......

And to see all the previous photos as the kittens grow and develop, follow the links from  Kitten Photos

You may note that the colours of some of the kittens have been changed from 'Blue spotted' to 'Black spotted silver'.  

This now correctly represents the true colours of these kittens.  

This follows clarification of the correct colour of the queen, Ozspots Smoky who was previously registered as a Blue spotted Ocicat.

She is in fact a Blue spotted Silver Ocicat - thanks to Jody of Abyrose Ocicats in NZ for helping with this clarification - which now also clarifies the colours of some of her kittens from Blue spotted to Black spotted silver.

Apologies from Oz Catz for any confusion .......

For information about our wonderful Ocicat breed

or to Join the Waiting List for one of next kittens -

Contact Nola of Oz Catz -

For all enquiries about Ocicats & adoption of Ocicat kittens

-  Landline - 03 5997 6414

-  Mobile -    0418 549 987

-  Email -     nolakim@optusnet.com.au

(or use the contact form for your enquiries about our beautiful Ocicat kittens)

Ocicats!!!  Looks like a wild cat - but is pure pedigree!!
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Contact Nola of Oz Catz with any questions or if you would like to adopt one of our spotted feline beauties

Contact Nola at Oz Catz -
Phone : 03 5997 6414        Mobile : 0418 549 987        Email : nolakim@optusnet.com.au
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