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Farewell Nola of Oz Catz - Welcome to ......

Nicole of Caressacat - Ocicat Breeder of Australia


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March 4 : Canberra's Kitten Photos - 5 weeks old     March 11 : Canberra's Kitten Photos - 6 weeks old

March 12 : More photos of Canberra's Kittens - 6 weeks old  - Next Expected Ocicat Litters

March 20 : Canberra's Kitten Photos - 7 weeks old  March 27 : Canberra's Kitten photos - 8 weeks old


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Latest Ocicat Kittens - All Sold

Canberra's beautiful spotted Ocicats born January 28, 2015

Click on this link to view Canberra’s Kitten Page and Photo Gallery


A little leopard for your lounge-room .......

Ocicat Kittens - Another of Litter of Ocicats Expected Soon

Watch this space!!

More exquisite Ocicat kittens expected about April 1 from  CARESSACAT

Ozspots Tarneit (Stephanie) and Ozspots Manly (Stanley)

 This is Ozspots Marra Marra, aka Merlin - born July 14, 2014. 

He is a Chocolate spotted silver boy from a previous litter of Stephanie and Stanley - so you can see the beauty and quality of the expected kittens.

How to Adopt your Ocicat Kitten

Our Ocicats are in great demand being a rare cat breed and so exquisitively beautiful and affectionate.

If you miss out on one of our current kittens, join the Waiting List to ensure you have first choice of our next Ocicat litters.

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CARESSACAT's Upcoming Stud and Queen Ocicats


Ozspots Silver Leigh, aka Lulu of Caressacat, a black spotted silver girl

 & Ozspots Pennington, aka Zandar of Caressacat, a chocolate spotted boy

have arrived at Caressacat! Ozspots Welcome Stranger, a beautiful chocolate spotted girl, will be here soon!

These beautiful spotted Ocicat babies will be my future queen and stud cats. They are perfect companions to each other and have fitted into the family very easily.


Ocicats - the exotic Lounge-room Leopards with Affectionate, Pussy-Cat personality!


CARESSACAT Ocicats are a stunningly beautiful exotic domestic pedigree cat bred to simulate the LOOK of the wild spotted Leopard.  We use top quality Australian and International bloodlines to breed Ocicats of excellent health and temperament. 

CARESSACAT  Ocicats are affectionate, playful, intelligent, loyal, social and companionable in their nature.  Our kittens are vet checked, health guaranteed, microchipped, vaccinated, desexed, insured, well socialised in our family home and reared on a top quality diet. 

All our kittens come with a kitten starter pack and pedigree papers from CATS NSW Inc.  Our kittens can travel to their new homes around Australia as well as overseas.   


The CARESSACAT Ocicat is an exquisite domestic pedigree cat. An ideal pet for any family!

The Ocicat, with its muscular body and exotic spotted look of the wild, never fails to make an impact with all those who meet them.

There is NO WILD BLOOD in the CARESSACAT Ocicat. It is a 100% domestic breed.

CARESSACAT Ocicats are predictable and loving, very active and always up for a game or two, but also happy to snuggle and purr on your lap.

CARESSACAT has kittens for sale all year round in Australia.

Caressacat Ocicats Delivered to Australian States or Overseas

We can have your Ocicat kittens delivered to you to all major airports in Australia - New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Western Australia, Northern Territory or Tasmania,

We also arrange transport for your Ocicat kitten to overseas destinations.  Transport costs are additional to the cost of the kitten.

To enquire about transport costs, please contact Nicole at Caressacat


Caressacat Ocicats Show News

Show news for CARESSACAT'S  lilac spotted boy, Ozspots Burleigh of Caressacat

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Ozspots Manley, aka Stanley