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Ocicats from Oz Catz - Australia's most experienced Ocicat breeder. Ocicats from Oz Catz - Australia's most experienced Ocicat breeder. Our Ocicat kittens are top quality registered health and temperament guaranteed beauties! - Oz Catz for Ocicats

Ocicats by Oz Catz

Australia's Experienced Ocicat Breeder

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* Welcome to the home of Oz Catz - Australia's top breeder of Ocicats  *

Nola of Oz Catz is the most experienced Ocicat Breeder in Australia

Ocicat Kittens are Guaranteed in Writing for Health, Temperament & Pedigree

***   Ocicat Kittens have Arrived   ***

One Tawny spotted Ocicat Male kitten Available for Adoption



Website Updates - September 24

*  Change of Name of our Oz Catz Ocicat Group FaceBook page

*  Jade & Nipsu's Kitten - Photos     *   Poppit & Nipsu's Ocicat Kittens - Photos & Videos

New FaceBook Group - Change of Name
We have a new FaceBook Page and we have changed the name to  - Oz Catz Ocicats - click here to visit

It is a group exclusively for the owners of Oz Catz' Ocicats.  Members can post photos, videos and news of their Ocicats.  Or just add your favourite Ocicat photos - cute and funny - or just bragging!

To join, just ask - but only for Oz Catz' Ocicat families.
- Our Current Litters of Ocicat Kittens -

Spring, 2017 Ocicat Litter -  Poppit & Nipsu

Queen :   Jasmarez Stars of Adelaide, Tawny spotted Ocicat - aka "Poppit"
Stud : Champion Boliviliki Legolas (Imp Fin),  Cinnamon spotted Ocicat - aka "Nipsu"
Date of Birth :    September 9, 2017
Kittens :  #      
Ozspots Coolibah, Tawny spotted male - Yellow collar - AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION
Microchip # 900 079 000 235 461
Ozspots Margaret, Tawny spotted female - Pink collar - SOLD - Amanda & Michelle, Queensland
Microchip # 900 079 000 235 463
Ozspots Todd, Tawny spotted male - Green collar - SOLD - Natalie & John, Victoria
Microchip # 900 079 000 235 451
Ozspots Burdekin, Tawny spotted male - Purple collar - SOLD - Jonathan. NSW
Microchip # 900 079 000 235 468
Ozspots Rubicon, Cinnamon spotted male - No collar - SOLD - Pamela, Victoria
Microchip # 900 079 000 235 455

***   also family photos  ***
# Our Oz Catz' Ocicat kittens are given Australian themed pedigree names - these names are Australian Rivers

Poppit's spotted kittens 12 days old - eyes are open!

L to R : Ozspots Margaret, Ozspots Rubicon, OZSPOTS COOLIBAH - YELLOW COLLAR - TAWNY SPOTTED MALE - AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION, Ozspots Burdekin & Ozspots Todd

In the photo above - Coolibah is a beautifully dark tawny - he will be spectacular as an adult!

Second Spring, 2017 Ocicat Litter - Jade & Nipsu

Queen :  Sirocilot Jade, Tawny spotted Ocicat - aka "Jade"
Stud : Champion Boliviliki Legolas (Imp Fin),  Cinnamon spotted Ocicat - aka "Nipsu"
Date of Birth :    September 14, 2017
Kitten :  #        

Ozspots Casino, Cinnamon spotted male - Blue collar - SOLD - Adrienne H, Hong Kong
Microchip # 900 079 000 235 462

# Our Oz Catz' Ocicat kittens are given Australian themed pedigree names - this kitten's name is because he was a surprise "what are the odds" kitten who arrived unexpectedly!

Ozspots Casino at 7 days old
Ocicat Kitten Waiting List?

Waiting List as at 19/9/17 -
Robert, SA -                   Black spotted silver male

Please note, those on the Waiting List can change their mind about colour & gender once the kittens are born.

Join Waiting List?
Avoid disappointment - click here for details
Ocicat Kittens Due -
Litter # 3 :
Smoky and Nipsu
Ozspots Smoky (Smoke) Blue spotted silver Ociciat queen and and
Ch. Boliviliki Legolas (Imported Finland) (Nipsu) Cinnamon spotted Ocicat stud

About October 5

Colours Expected?
Tawny spotted, Chocolate spotted, Blue spotted and
Black spotted silver, Chocolate spotted silver Blue spotted silver

Ready to Leave?
About 11 - 12 weeks after birth

L : Ozspotos Smoky

R : Ch. Boliviliki Legolas (Imp Fin)
Take at look at some of Smoky and Nipsu's beautiful spotted babies ......

in their new homes .....
Contact Nola of Oz Catz

Email:  Mobile: 0418 549 987  Landline: 03 5997 6414

To Express your Interest in an Ocicat Kitten
To Join the Waiting List for an Ocicat Kitten
I thought Ozspots Cabramatta was Mr. Personality - but Ozspots Mallacoota is Miss Personality Plus!
Nat T, Q'land

After four  years Malcolm continues to be a delight.  Three years back we had a baby and were interested to see how he took to the baby because he is a very assertive cat, who takes no nonsense from the two little dogs.  We should not have worried -  Malcolm treats the baby very gently and now she is a toddler she grabs him and gives him cuddles and hugs quite roughly - and he is patient and very nice about it all.  What a great cat!  Thank  you.
Mark B, NSW
The Oz Catz Promise!

At Oz Catz, I don't breed multiple litters of kittens - I don't run a "kitten factory".

I breed selectively to produce the very best Ocicat kittens available in Australia.

I make sure I have the time to raise my kittens properly and socialise them well.

My Ocicat kitten clients are rewarded for their patience and are assured of being totally delighted with their new kitten.

And I make sure my Ocicat breeding cats are in top health and not treated like "kitten machines'.

This is my promise to you!

*  Nola of Oz Catz - The Ocicat Lady you can Trust  *

* Australia's oldest established & most experienced Ocicat breeder  *
*  Our Ocicat kittens are spotted like small leopards  *
*  Bred especially to look like the wild cats  *
* Predictable & loving like the domestic cat *
*  Ocicats - exclusive rare-breed domestic cats  *

*  Ocicat - The Cat for the Connoisseur  *

So Ocicats may look wild - But  ....  are -

* pure-breed domestic cats with NO wild blood  ...  so won't eat the kids
* Ocicat breed comes from Siamese, Abyssinian & American Short-Hair Cats
*  stunningly beautiful        * great character & temperament
*  family friendly       *  wonderful companion cats

And ..... each Ocicat kitten from Oz Catz comes  -

* vaccinated       * wormed       * microchipped       * desexed
* vet checked for health         * written health & temperament guarantee
* top quality from pedigreed and registered Ocicat lineage
* well bred with no in-breeding       * pedigreed & registered with FCCV
* well socialised in our home       * healthy, strong, intelligent
* 6-weeks free pet insurance with PetPlan
Ozspots Carlton - Tawny spotted Ocicat boy
Born February 21, 2017

Ocicat kitten Ozspots Carlton - A Day in the Life of ....
Ozspots Annandale - Tawny spotted Ocicat girl
Ozspots Balmain - Black spotted silver Ocicat boy
Ozspots Dalton - Black spotted silver Ocicat boy
all Born February 21, 2017

Ocicat kittens from Oz Catz

Our next litter of Ocicats is expected October 5, 2017

Join the Waiting List to be sure of one of our magical spotted kittens!!
Contact Nola - Phone : 03 5997 6414
Mobile : 0418 549 987

Read what our Ocicat buyers say about our Ocicat kittens ....


Ocicats from Oz Catz - Australia's Most Experienced Breeder of Ocicat Kittens

   Contact Nola of Oz Catz :   
Phone: 03 5997 6414    Mobile: 0418 549 987   Email:
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