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Oz Catz' Ocicats - Lounge-Room Leopards ....

From Nola - The Leading Ocicat Breeder of Australia

Ozspots Welcome Stranger - chocolate spotted girl

It's Time ......

It's now come time to say good-bye to the many Ocicat owners I have had the pleasure to get to know over the past 10-plus years of breeding this magnificent breed of cat.

When I first started, almost no-one had heard of the Ocicat and there were so few Ocicats in Australia that I had to import new girls and boys so I could breed good, strong, healthy kittens.

Now, as I retire from breeding, I can rest knowing the Ocicat is in a good place in Australia. 

I set up and mentored Amanda of Zayenah Ocicats in South Australia until she found her breeding feet.

And now, my new protegees, Nicole of Caressacat Ocicats, Tracie of Jasmarezcats and Danielle of SunChaser Ocicats are taking over from me.  I will also be mentoring these three new breeders for as long as they need me.

Nicole of Caressacat Ocicats has already taken her first major step with a litter of Ocicats kittens born in late January whereas Tracie and Danielle will have their first Ocicat kittens early in 2016. 

Tracie is being particularly adventurous and is intending to breed, not only the Ocicat, but Bengals and perhaps later on, the Cheetoh - an Ocicat / Bengal cross.  I wish Tracie good luck with her plans - after all, the Ocicat was a result of an experimental breeding between the Siamese and the Abyssinian breeds.  But I have a bet with Tracie that once she gets to know the Ocicat, she will understand that she can't improve on perfection! 

Nicole of Caressacat is in New South Wales;  Tracie of Jasmarezcats is in South Australia;  and Danielle of SunChaser is in Western Australia, so between them all they should be able to help everyone with beautiful, healthy and personable Ocicat kittens.

Of course, I will still welcome news and photos of my Ocicat kittens as they grow.  And any questions - I will be happy to answer.

Farewell from Granny Nola - and may the Ocicat continue to rule!

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Introducing the New Ocicat Breeders of Australia

I am very pleased to introduce the three new Ocicats Breeders  who will continue the good work begun by Oz Catz in Ocicat breeding in Australia.  

Breeding top quality kittens of any breed doesn't just come down to putting two cats together - any fool can do that! To keep the breed, hence the kittens, strong and healthy - it requires -

Dedication these three woman have in abundance;

Experience they may lack at first, but I will fully support each of these women with as much advice and help as they need for as long as they remain loyal to the high standards set by Oz Catz for raising quality Ocicat kittens with similar health and temperament guarantees that I have always offered my kitten buyers;

New Breeding Blood Lines are already being negotiated for import into Australia from Europe by the first of these new breeders.

I have worked hard to improve the Ocicat breed in Australia and am proud that I leave Ocicats in a very much better position in Australia than when I first started breeding them - my import of more than 10 new Ocicat breeding lines to minimize inbreeding was a pivotal factor in this improvement.

So at the end of my Ocicat breeding career, I am very happy to leave this magnificent cat breed in the hands of these three hand-picked women who have shown themselves dedicated to promoting and improving the Ocicat  breed and it is to these women I have entrusted my beautiful cats and kittens.

If you have any questions you would like to ask about any of the new breeders or ask anything about your cat or cat related issues, you can always email me and I will be happy to help where I can.

The three new Ocicat breeders of Australia are -


Nicole Clarkson of Caressacat Ocicats

in New South Wales

Email: nicole@caressacat.com.au 

Phone: 0423 384 140  

Web: www.caressacat.com.au/

Nicole has new kittens from Ozspots Canberra and Silver Gd. Ch. Merrydancer Cocolatino (Imp UK)

Born January 29 - Tawny spotted, Chocolate spotted and Lilac Spotted



Danielle Linder of SunChaser Ocicats

in Western Australia

Email: djl@iinet.net.au

Phone: 0404 995 591

Web: www.sunchasercats.com/





Tracie-Anne Kearns of Jasmarezcats

 in South Australia

Email: consumesyou@hotmail.com

Phone: 0412 963 498

Web: www.traciesplace.weebly.com/




Click on their names above to make contact with these exciting new Ocicat breeders.@

@ Except Fiona Stokes - no more nasty emails please - the cat breeding world can do without your bitterness and malice!! Shame on you!


 Ozspots Marra Marra, aka Merlin, DOB July 14, 2014 - Chocolate spotted silver boy from Stephanie and Stanley

Nicole of Caressacat will soon have another litter of Ocicat kittens from Stephanie and Stanley!


Ozspots Manley, aka Stanley



Tawny spotted Ocicat

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Here are just a few samples of John's work -


Ozspots Tarneit, aka Stephanie with her babies



Ozspots Murrumbidgee, aka Murrumbijj - Chocolate spotted boy - Nola's 'Whopper Boy'

Nola, the Ocicat Lady - with Dr. Harry, the TV Vet

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Ozspots Aussie Bruno - Chocolate spotted boy, living in Venezuala